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Digital Artist

The ideas my work is based on, are quite different - from a planned approach with a visual goal in mind to a developing finish, guided by impression and free association.

  • Location: Denmark
  • Born: 1964 in Aabenraa
  • Genre: Contemporary Art
  • Contact: robsart@robsoft.dk

I started working with Digital Art in 2011. Imagination, camera and computer are the tools I use to visualize a feeling, mood or an experience. My artwork ranges from Abstract to Modern.

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Pentecost exhibition - Kunstpunkt

The Pentecost exhibition is held by Kunstpunkt at the old post office in Augustenborg, DK. 16 artists are exhibiting in different genres from paintings in oil and watercolor to digital and graphic art.

The exhibition opens June 6 at 13:00 to 17:00 (weekdays open at 11:00)

Exhibitors: Robin Petersen, Britt Herskinn, Pia Østergaard, Birthe Anna, Marina Christiansen, Hanne A. Jacobsen, Gudrun Adrion, Conny Dammann, Jesus Ortega, Hanne Northlev, Jørgen Rubæk, Ingrid Kvist Hansen, Rita Dall og Caja Wacherhausen

Photo contest - Dybbøl 150 years

In the photo contest, held by various newspapers in Germany and Denmark for the 150th anniversary commemoration of the Danish - Prussian war, "Silence" won the 3rd prize and became part of the time capsule in Sønderborg to be opened again in 50 years (2064).

The photo is now on an exhibition tour various places in Denmark and Germany.

Autumn Exhibition SJAK - Sonderborg

SJAK exhibiting at Sonderborg Library 2013 October 26th to November 3rd (both days included) - entrance from the parking lot. The theme of the exhibition is FOREST with colours of the nature. Opening Saturday at 14:00 - opening speech will be held by nature headteacher Irmelin Muller. The exhibition can be seen weekdays 11:00 - 17:00 and Sundays 14:00 - 17:00 - Free entry. We are pleased to introduce paintings in watercolors, acrylic / oil and digital art. It will be with completely different expressions, ranging from naive, abstract, naturalistic to realistic art. The SJAK group was started in 1971 and consists of 15 members.

Exhibitors from Sonderborg : Arne Sondergaard, Anne Misch Petersen, Elsa Ottesen, Helen Nagel, J. Schmidt, Kirsten Hansen and Walter Kvolbaek. From Graasten : Christa Ryborg. From Broagerland : Rita Dall. From Egernsund : Birthe Cornelius and Georgina Jensen. From Nordborg : Robin Petersen

Snow & Ice 2012

The photo "Silence" was selected for the Juried Photography Exhibition Snow & Ice at 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles. Opening reception Saturday, Feb. 4 from 7:30pm to 10:30pm

The haunting and ethereal beauty of snow and ice is a rite of passage and a grand artistic test for photographers. It challenges their skill in judging exposure and contrast, and it tests their prowess in printing a palette of gleaming whites that dazzles the senses.



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